Like any mechanical equipment, your furnace can breakdown, and piece by piece lose efficiency and functionality. Some components will rust out depending on the year-round humidity levels of your home, some will get covered with dirt and grime depending on the environment and frequency of preventative maintenance. But one thing we can all count on is, cold weather will put your furnace to the test. And if your furnace breaks it rarely happens at a convenient time.

Is there anything I can do to prevent and unwanted breakdown? Great question! Glad you asked. Absolutely!

Of course nothing can stop the effects of time and lack of maintenance, but regular maintenance by a licensed professional and consistent filter changes can extend the life of your equipment more than anything.

Unfortunately, sometimes the damage is already done or Father Time decides it's time for your furnace to fail. When that happens, call LEHMAN'S of Muncie. We're professional, on time, and do the work right the first time. If you need a new furnace, we're happy to give you a free quote, too! We have a long history of doing quality work (See "Our Story" page and Google reviews), and we've continued that tradition for over 90 years. We're Lehman's. We're here for you!

Incidentally, we are proud to sell TRANE equipment. And Trane has been recognized as the most trusted HVAC brand in North America the 7th year in a row! You can read an article about this award at HVAC Insider.

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