Updated: May 29, 2020

More than any single event in history, Covid-19 made the world aware of the importance if indoor air quality. At Lehman's Inc, we have always encouraged our customers to install the best filters, humidifiers, and air purification systems like the Reme Halo shown in the picture


Believe it or not, the air inside our homes today is far less healthy than it used to be because modern homes are so "tight" and insulated so well that they don't "breathe" like they used to. This keeps airborne contaminants inside, circulating through the air you and your family breathe. And if you have allergies or asthma, unhealthy air can exacerbate those heath problems. Indoor Air Quality products can reduce the risk of breathing issues.


So whether you are getting a tune up or hvac system, now is a good time to consider updating the equipment that can improve the air you and your family breathe. Begin by upgrading your filter system. We recommend Trane's best-in-class, Clean Effects™. Trane CleanEffects™ Air Cleaner uses revolutionary technology that supplies your home with a cleaner, healthier environment. The CleanEffects™ filter removes up to 99.98% of airborne particles - including those as small as .1 micron, making it 8 times more effective than even the best HEPA room filters and up to 100 times more effective than a standard 1-inch filter. you are filter your air.

Once you have filtered your air, it's time to purify it with an air purifier like the Reme Halo. These products pull the remaining particles less than .1 microns together and weigh them down so they can collect in the filter system. They also give off a fresh air sent.

Finally, we recommend adding a whole-house humidifier or dehumidifier depending on the level of humidity you experience in the different seasons. If you are constantly getting "shocked" in the cold winter months, we suggest adding a humidifier. If you have a damp, musty basement that wafts into the rest of your home, we recommend a whole-house dehumidifier. These can even be ducted into your havc system and bring in fresh air from outside. And all of these products can be controlled and visually monitored with our TRANE touchscreen thermostats.

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