At Lehman's we know how important it is to tune up your hvac system twice a year, but it is especially important to check your furnace. Here are a few key reasons why you should have your system inspected by our hvac professionals....

Confirm that your heat exchanger is NOT cracked.

• Clean all measuring devices such as flame sensors and gas orifices.

• Make sure filters are clean and condensate drains are cleared.

• Confirm that furnace starts up with no flame roll out.

• Confirm that the exhaust is clear and inducer is running properly.

Keeping your system clean and making sure that all functional parts and measuring devices are in top working order is critical to your comfort and safety. For example, we inspect your heat exchanger to make sure there are no cracks so you don't discover mid-winter that you've been breathing carbon monoxide, a risk no one should take.

A cracked heat exchanger can allow carbon monoxide, a dangerous bi-product, into your airstream and into your lungs!

Hvac maintenance is a mandatory part of your warranty. This is a little know fact, because it is in the fine print of every hvac manufacturer's limited warranty statement. That's right, if you don't have your system inspected bi-annually by a certified hvac professional, your warranty is basically void. Why? Because a hvac manufacturer should not be liable for a system that is not properly maintained. There are a lot of moving parts in an hvac system that require annual maintenence just like your car--if you don't rotate the tires and change the oil and other fluids, your car manufacturer will not replace a blown engine for lack of maintenance. The same is true with your hvac system.

But no need to worry; we have a maintenance plan for every system, and we schedule everything on your behalf. Call us today to get your maintenance scheduled asap, and we'll send a hvac pro out to inspect your furnace and make sure it is running in tip-top shape, and/or correct any needed deficiencies. We are Lehman's. We're here for you!

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