Air Conditioner Repair, or System Upgrade?

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Should you go with an Air Conditioner Repair, or a system upgrade? If you need heating and cooling service... again... you might want to consider replacing that old system. The main reasons are efficiency, energy savings, comfort, and problem solving. If you upgrade your old AC system, you will experience long-term benefits that pay dividends year after year. Most people put "band-aids" on old systems by doing basic repairs year after year, when they could actually save money in energy costs if they upgraded to a new, High efficiency system!

Why Upgrade Your AC System?
How does your Ac system keeps you comfortable?

Most people don't realize that as an air conditioner gets older it looses it's efficiency. As an AC loses it's efficiency, it costs more to operate and doesn't do as good of a job removing heat and moisture from your home. Look at it this way.... If you have a system that is 10 or 15 years old, you are lucky to have a 12- or 13-SEER system--the most common efficiency ratings at the time. Those units operated at those efficiency ratings for years, but over time, the components degrade, the coils and blowers get dirty, and motor bearings get gunked up. So now, let's say, 12 years into ownership, you are lucky to still have 10-SEER, or less. SEER is simply the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. That's a big drop in efficiency considering there are traditional systems out there in there reaching 22 SEER!


Not feeling as comfortable as you expect? You probably need to upgrade your AC system with a higher efficient unit that will save money, and remove the heat and humidity more cost effectively. Imagine saving 60% or more in energy cost and feeling comfortable in every room of your home 365 days a year.

Imagine owning a car with 1 gear. Think how inefficient and uncomfortable a ride that would be. That's probably how your current system works. 1 gear = 1 stage. Today HVAC systems have multiple stages, and Trane has the most stages with our variable speed compressors with over 700 "gears" so to speak giving you the exact comfort you need, all day long no matter how hot or cold it gets.

Imagine increasing the value of your home with a new, smart, HVAC system that can integrate "Smart Home" technology? All of this is possible with Trane, the leader in robust, high-effiency products.

Click the calculator to see how much you can save. We recommend setting your current SEER rating at 10... this is closer to reality even if your system says it is as 14 SEER system. It may have been a 14-SEER system. That's probably not true now.

The XV20i air conditioner has the highest efficiency rating in Trane's family of products at up to 22 SEER. With that level of energy efficiency, customers can possibly save up to 64% each year in energy costs*. The XV20i is Energy Star Qualified and includes our patented TruComfort™ variable-speed system and integrated communicating technology to keep your home at an optimal temperature and avoid spikes that lead to increased energy consumption. Call us today to speak with our Comfort Advisor.

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